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Real witnesses at the WTC

Real witnesses at the WTC saw the explosion, did not see the plane. Real witnesses heard many explosions inside the building as they were demolished

#wtc #9/11

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9/11 - What Really Happened

The planes were fake. They simply inserted crude computer generated images into recorded video. No one saw a plane in the sky.

Listen carefully to the uninterrupted audio.

Fake planes, planted liars, lying networks and government cover ups.

Controlled demolition with complete security courtesy of Marvin Bush.

They demolished the asbestos riddled WTC and cleared the ground for the new WTC.

The mess was cleaned up at taxpayer expense

#911 #wtc

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Two views of the building exploding, one with the CGI plane

No planes compilation. Their simple plan. They

Blew up the buildings

Inserted CGI cartoons into some videos

Had a few people lie that they saw planes

The media promoted the lies

The government ensured there would be no investigation

It has worked for 19 years

Stop the madness

#9/11 #wtc

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