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@Cymatic Visuals

Vitamin D: Immunity and Influenza

#vitamind #immunity

One of the greatest deceptions of our time is that the sun is our enemy and must be avoided at all costs. Follow this advise and you will surely pay dearly.

Vitamin D (technically a hormone) deficiency has been scientifically identified with a range of adverse health conditions, including neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, heart disease, digestive conditions, autoimmune disorders and many more.

Research highlighted in this video, as cited in the book, 'Vitamin D: Is This The Miracle Vitamin?' by Ian Wishart, explains in detail and with cited scientific references how our recommended daily intakes of Vitamin D, prescribed by agencies worldwide, may be woefully inadequate in maintaining a state of optimal health. The importance of absorbing energy from the sun has been overshadowed by our fear of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer thought to be caused primarily by exposure to the sun which, ironically, is sequestered by sufficient Vitamin D production achieved most efficiently through sensible sun exposure. As such, it is put forward that informing the public to religiously use sunscreen as protection from the sun is doing much more harm than good and could be a significant contributor to our modern health crisis.

To learn more about the health benefits of sensible and regular sun exposure:


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@Alex Jones

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