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Even flies won't touch salami:))

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How to Easily Get More Fruits and Veggies Into Your Diet https://snip.ly/zrbeca #fruits #vegetarian

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How to make Turkish Style Zucchini Fritters | Vegetarian Snack with Feta Cheese

Zucchinis are some of my favorite veggies because they can be quite versatile. So it was just natural to make a video for zucchini fritters, which are called “Muçver” in Turkish. #recipe #vegetarian


2 zucchinis

Feta cheese

3 eggs

some flour

fresh or frozen mint and parsley

green onions


seasoning like black peppers, flaked peppers or any other you like.

How to make it

1. After cleaning the zucchinis, grate them. Put some salt and knead the zucchinis.

2. Let the zucchinis rest in a sieve so that the excess water can drip off. 10-15 minutes are enough but you can let it rest longer if you want to.

3. Add the eggs, feta cheese, green onions, some parsley, mint and any kind of seasoning you like and mix it. 

4. Add the flour to the mix until it is fairly firm (a bit thicker than pancake dough). 

5. Fry on your pan of choice with some vegetable oil.


*The main ingredients are zucchinis, eggs, and flour, so anything else that we add here is optional. I highly recommend that you experiment with the recipe. For example, I like to use a mild feta cheese, which is still a bit firm so that after the frying I still have some pieces there. My mum prefers the saltier cheese, which has a bit of sour taste to them. I love green onions, as they give some freshness just like the mint does. 

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