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Ultimate Hypnotic ASMR Scratching Joseph Murphy LOA Affirmations "Very Powerful Session"

Arguably more powerful than hypnosis.The best ever recorded Joseph Murphy session from way way before Tony Robbins, Rhonda Byrne, Abraham Hicks and all modern Law Of Attraction practitioners

I follow all of the mentioned and love their work, but I thought I'd go back even further than Bob Proctor, Neville Goddard and cut right back to where it all began and back to basics

These words from Joseph Murphy God rest his soul, accompanied by the ultimate hypno state trance inducing ASMR scratching "not tapping" This audio brings extremely powerful results and very fast. Listen daily!

Rebuke the worldly and government propaganda induced state of negativity! Rise above and beyond. Vibrate on your highest possible frequency and experience fullness of life today whatever your situation

Lay somewhere comfortable or sit in your most comfortable chair. Let yourself drift into the scratching ASMR which may sound irritating at first if you've never experienced ASMR tapping or scratching. Don't try to listen to the words, just focus on the scratching sounds until the end and let yourself drift away.

Don't worry if you find yourself focusing on the words, simply revert back to the scratching and practice daily. See results very fast with this powerful induction ASMR hypnotic session.

Manifest abundance very fast

This production was carefully and mindfully put together by @videomop and I give permission for use elsewhere as long as it is completely un edited including the watermark on the video mentioning our channel

#tonyrobbins #abrahamhicks #lawofattraction #asmr #positiveaffirmations

Please like, upvote and subscribe to the channel. Write a power affirmation into the comments below to affirm your intentions from the universe and your higher power. Help others with your affirmation. Feel free to write several or as many as you like. You are what you believe!

"Money, love and prosperity come to me from multiple sources on a continuous basis" Believe it and recieve it!

Sending you all love and abundance ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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