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Topic #tencommandments

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@Truth over traditions

Jesus or Moses: Who You Gonna Trust?

Only one can save you, so get it clear whose side you are on! #Jesus #tencommandments

This is the first of several videos that I have made, in an attempt to address a stubborn attempt that a lot of people are making to steer people away from Jesus and back into the dark days of the Old Testament. Your eternal salvation rests on sorting out which approach is the right one: Will you rest your eternal destiny on Old Testament rules and rituals, or will you rest it on the One who is the fulfilment of all that was the "OLD" way of seeing things... the eternal Son of God?

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By KnockToOpen

Thanks for highlighting how important it is to trust in what Jesus said

By willrizzo1433

Funny when you ask people to name 10 of Jesus' teachings they think of the 10 commandments. So weird to me. Not to mention the Hebrew roots people who think the Old law shadow of Jesus is superior to Him.

By Boyd6474

Always go with Jesus!

@Alex Jones

Text Post

China is forcing Christian churches to replace the #TenCommandments with quotes from Chinese President #XiJinping!


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