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Topic #sundayfunday

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@The official account

This week's Tubers!

On #BitTubers, it's about strengthening our community of #contentcreators! 

That's why, every day of the week, we present one of them to the world. ❤️

This week's Tubers:

  • @specter
  • @crystalcasey
  • @SirGoodSmoke
  • @MattyB
  • @CosmosSynthetics

#TUBE #SundayFunday #Revolution 

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@The official account

This week's Tubers!

You know the drill! Every day of the week we introduce you to a new and original #creators from BitTubers.com. 

Subscribe to their #channel and show them some love! ❤️

This week's Tubers:

  • @viraldrome
  • @Doofus4ever
  • @SPsTechLab
  • @nalexadre
  • @Valerian

#TUBE #SundayFunday 

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By MasterShake

Very cool!

@The official account

Subscribe and show some love to this week's Tubers! ❤️

Every week, we introduce you to new and original #creators of our new platform BitTubers.com. 

This week's Tubers:

  • @SajedurRahman
  • @baul
  • @My2Cents
  • @RoadsUntraveled
  • @ShakmGaming

#TUBE #SundayFunday #Community 

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By Raynor9899


By My2Cents

I appreciate the shout out @BitTubeOfficial

By shanedk

Shout out to @My2Cents! Great channel!

By ShakmGaming

Hey i made the list! 🙂

I'll just take this opportunity to introduce myself a bit then! I'm a pc gamer and love to play / commentate on my favorite games. My niche is single-player games, be it old or new, indies or AAA titles. I try to upload a new video every single day and i recently upgraded my account to "creator", so i can share with you longer videos.

More importantly though I'm also here to support bittubers and what it stands for in my mind: The ability to interact and share content the way creators and viewers want it; not settle for what advertisers and centralized platforms think is good for business.

I'll close with a fun fact about me: My first experience online a couple decades ago was chatrooms (it was all the rage back then!). I had to register a username to enter those chat rooms and the first thing that came to my mind was James Bond's favorite drink, a "shaken martini". That was too long a username though to be accepted by the chat room, so i quickly typed in "shakm" and that has stuck with me ever since.

Cheers everybody! And thanks for the shout-out @BitTubeOfficial ! 🙂

@The official account

Every week, we introduce you to new and original #creators on the platform.

Subscribe to their channel and show them some love! ❤️

This week's Tubers:

  • @cryptoramble
  • @TheatreOfDelays
  • @shanedk
  • @TastyEscapes
  • @DoctorVirtual

#TUBE #SundayFunday #Community

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@The official account

Sunday checklist: Play TUBECAT! 😻

#SundayFunday #TUBE #BitTube #Gaming #Game

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By MasterShake

This is like the best game ever made

By nikol86

that's great if games are still being played on the platform😃

By worldofgameplays

How can i play it? lol