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Topic #staking

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Finally Success! The Bit Tube Hard Fork Is Possible! - Upgraded from BitTube Staking GUI 3.0 - Now Running BitTubeCash 4

#staking #bittube BitTube Cash 4.0 is the New Staking Standard for Tube - Upgrade ASAP

After many failed attempts, contacting support and smoking a half ounce of cannabis in the entirety of these attempts, I have successfully hard forked from BitTube 3 to BitTube 4. I will admit I have no clue what changed aside from Monero tx style addresses and something about cuckoo algo? I will be looking up on that now that I know my coins are safe once again. Its also called BitTube Cash now??? lol I don't care what the name is, but I hope someone had fun with that!

Music is from Necrophobic : The Infernal Depths of Eternity

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@Костыли для хомяка

Стейкинг на Waves.exchange Как отдать в стейкинг.

#crypto #staking

Короткая и понятная инструкция как запустить стейкинг на бирже Вейвс. Заработок без лишних телодвижений.

ссылка на сайт проекта Вейвс : https://wavesplatform.com/technology

всё про НЕЙТРИНО : https://evoluspace.ru/neutrino/

#Neutrino #WavesExchange #staking

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By RottenCorpse

It came down to %10.41. Its better to go to crypto.com. u got steady %10 and pay off every week


#tubes #staking #areyounext ??

Guess what happend, we are officially raising the stakes (pun intended) #bittube #staking

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By smaram

I just donated 100.0 TUBEs ($ 1.42 USD)


Staking Wallet Purpose

#staking #tubes

Hi all, I've put some tubes into my staking wallet as people have recommended to boost airtime so what happens? or do i need to do something else or do I just leave it in there?

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By Ninjacura

Did you find the answer you were looking for? Adding at least 2500 coins to your staking wallet increases your rewards that are sent to your online wallet through airtime...


Rewward kis almost the same only 2500 tubes in stacking