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Topic #spicy

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How to make Acuka | A meze to spice up your life 🌶️

Acuka is some kind of dip and spread for anything you want. I love it for breakfast and as a dip in general. You can buy this in almost every store here in Turkey but homemade is still the best! #spicy #recipe

Here is the easy-peasy recipe:


3 parts tomato paste 

1 part spicy pepper paste/alternative



loads of dried mint


some garlic 

olive oil

Optional: walnuts, peanuts

*How to make it*

1. Add at least three to five tablespoons olive oil to a pan and roast the garlic for a bit. The roasting will make the garlic taste not as harsh but will still keep a certain flavor. 

2. Add the tomato and pepper paste and roast it on low heat together with the garlic and start adding the spices. 

3. Constantly taste the Acuka. Usually, it needs lots of mint so don’t be shy to add lots of it. Keep in mind that this will rest and change in flavor a bit. 

4. If the consistency is too thin, stir a bit longer on low heat. If it is too thick, add a bit more olive oil. 

5. Transfer the Acuka into a jar to cool off and store it in the fridge.


* Nuts are really popular in this. Walnuts complement this greatly! Hack them into small pieces and add them at the very end. I have a walnut allergy (and I like them so much…) so if I ever want to add nuts I use peanuts. 

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By CastIronSkilletKitchen

Great recipe and looks really good. I'm sure it goes well with just about anything! Great share my friend!


Salsa Verde Pale Ale by Martin House

Not #spicy on the taste but kinda warms the throat and stomach. Didn't finish the 12oz #beer, it was a little too much to drink at once by myself. I bought a four pack to cook with and decided to crack one open. Mac & cheese for sure.

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