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Topic #reality

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@Servant of God, Love, & Truth

Counterfeit Love

#reality #love

"Counterfeit Love" asks the question: what is the difference between true love and fake love? The video explores how it's easy to be nice when you're wealthy and comfortable... but is this genuine love? Or is it really just a mask for selfish gain? It also touches on how the Internet is helping to expose the lack of love in the world today, making communication between people difficult and impersonal. On a more positive side, the video reveals how the masks coming off help to show the corruption of man's heart and our need for God. Most importantly, it looks at the revolution of love needed before the return of Christ. What does true love look like? And what kind of love do you want?

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Spectacle vs Reality

#Reality life,hardship,Truth, 2020,What is the TRUTH? Search and you will find.

Life can be tough, but what do we do about it?

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By SujinTV

thanks for sharing. nice to meet you.


A puzzling reality

Matter is nothing but empty space and vibrating energy.

#Science #Reality

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