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Topic #quiz

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#quiz Win 100 #tube by answering

Whats the name of this work of art and what does it mean? Submit your answer and win 100 #tube for this simple #quiz. First to answer wins. Romanians are not allowed to answer :)

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By HempysHub

I just donated 1.0 TUBEs ($ 0.01 USD)

By ShakmGaming

That would be the Targu Jiu, aka "The Endless Column" 🙂


Per lonely planet, it is "one of Constantin Brâncuşi's best-known and most celebrated works, sits at the eastern end of Calea Eroilor (20 minutes on foot from the other pieces in the central park). The 29.35m-tall structure, threaded with 15 steel beads, is meant to symbolise the synthesis of heaven and physical reality."


PS. If you feel like excluding me from the next few contests I'll totally understand; I've won enough tubes ...for now 😉


Text Post

I need to start posting easier #quiz. This one took me a week or more to solve: https://bittubers.com/post/afe342dc-c3f9-4bac-a5b1-0100d577eac5 #contest

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@The official account

Did you study? Tomorrow, the BitTube Quiz begins! 🤓

The game consist of 25 questions where each answers reveals a word of the mnemonic seed of the #BitTube wallet containing the winning prize of 25K TUBEs! 

Rules of the game 👉https://airshare.bittubeapp.com#4082f8ed4f9956ffc3e73ea32a38141e7ed56001 

#TUBE #Quiz #Prize 

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By bladebaabji

So, how do I earn TUBE tokens on this new platform bittubers.com?

By novasky

One feature request: Please allow us to add external links that auto shows the snippets, using open graph data. I think you can see that facebook does this already. We just have to add link in the post and it generates snippet.

By mud

That PDF does not seem to be working.