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Lightning Network - What does this technology change? https://www.publish0x.com/fervi/lightning-network-what-does-technology-change-xyqmqd?a=open5lPd7A&tid=socialmedia #blockchain #network

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@The official account

Interested in writing a Wikipedia article about BitTubers?

We'd be very happy if someone from the community could write a #Wikipedia article about BitTubers.com and add it to Wikipedia's social networking list! 

This can't be done by the team, therefore we're asking the #community to help us! 🤗

#TUBE #Blockchain #Network

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By zcopley

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bittube <-- 😪

By novasky

I think there should be a specific block for how rewards are given as in activity to reward specific information. :)

By nachodon

i nominate extremegaymer to write it.

By berien

Never done this before, but I'll check how to.

I'm rather busy for now, so don't expect it to be done very quickly. I think I should be able to start in mid coming week :)

By maxbittube9999

Wait, WHY?! Why can't you guys write the article? What's preventing you guys?