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@Truth over traditions

Whose Kingdom are We Building?

Are we too religious for God? #busy-ness #Man's kingdoms

Jesus kept coming back to it over and over again: God's kingdom. Not the kingdom of Israel. Not our various replacement kingdoms. We just keep getting sidetracked in trying to get people to listen to US, and not to God.

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By KnockToOpen

Great lesson about listening to what God wants us to be doing - I liked how it mentioned that we shouldn't use titles!

By Boyd6474

I think most of the world is to religious, they focus on things that God never meant anyone to focus on.

By willrizzo1433

"How long must I bear with this faithless generation"? The kingdom of heaven is in us and we need to work for that and NOT for ourselves or money or anything. Thanks for the great message.

By TruthSeekersCollective

Religion and Politics never can build the real Kingdom of Heaven.

Only obeying Jesus.


Text Post

#Man the #Moon!

Join our efforts to occupy space!

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By viraldrome

SpaceForce is going to save us when Mars Attacks

By viraldrome