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Winter train-ride through Hälsingland along Ljusnan, Sweden

#Ljusnan #Ljusdal

"Ljusnan" means the Light River, but that isn't the case during the dark winter up north here. But I finally travelled at lunch time, so I could get som winter images.

The video starts at the town Ljusdal just across the river Ljusnan and goes on until south of Bollnäs.

Time stamps:

1:10 is the mountain Hyboklacken on the other side of the river.

2:00 is Järsvö Train Station

2:11 is Järsvö Church - Which is the one you see behind me in my lives

4:44 Ice covered Ljusnan

6:54 Still Ljusnan covered with ice

7:51 Timber! Check the logs!

8:04 Very wide Ljusnan covered with ice and islets in it

8:29 I say Arbro, but that train station doesn't look much

9:09 Train close to the river

9:30 We're entering Bollnäs, one of the biggest towns in Hälsingland (14K compated to Hudsvall's 17K, and Ljusdal's 7K. Söderhamn has 12K and Järvsö 1500 (No K) and Kilafors 1200

10:47 In that small ice covered lake south of Bollnäs, they have a big fontain in the summer.

11:11 Here you can hear some Swedish

11:33 "REA!" means "SALE!". Then you see the industrial area.

12:00 Some impressing wooden castles / farmer houses.

13:20 I'm talking about that I've been travellere here for 30 years, but never seen the Ljusnan valley during winter as it has always been too dark.

13:47 Church in Kilafors called Hanebo Kyrka. Nice houses after that!

15:11 That is south of Stockholm at Södertälje that accidentally was added to the video.

15:34 Cars waiting to be sold or shipped?

Some photos:


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