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JURISDICTIONS of POWER: Navigating the HOODS of the CITY! (2020)


HUMAN X | S10 - E10


with Gyan

Every time you enter a different neighbourhood - YOU FEEL IT. In some cities it’s more exaggerated than others, but nonetheless, this is how it is. There’s a VIBE. There’s a kind of feeling or mindset, and it affects you. It affects the way you think, you walk, you behave.

What is this? What is happening? Why do we go in some neighbourhoods and not others? Why do we stay away from some? What are the jurisdictions, the powers operating? Do we have the right to enter, or not? Is there a price to pay? 

Most people aren’t aware of how it works, they cannot fathom how power is organized, but PRINCIPLES OF POWER operate everywhere. That’s why it’s important to understand power and to respect power! And that’s why it’s important to discover: WHO AM I? And what’s the organism to which I belong?


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Thumbnail → Chris Lord

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