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@Unboxing Tomorrow

Short Selling Decoded

A while ago, I put together this video to help de-jargonify the $GME short squeeze. If you like programming, technology, or probability & statistics, then markets have many data processes you may find interesting. IMPORTANT NOTE: This video is not financial advice; and the situation is still on-going. #gme

Electrical work is notorious for its technical jargon, and so is trading. Trading lingo recently became a lost art restored by the historic GME meme. In this short, non-technical video, we'll cover some ideas and terms useful in understanding the past week on the stock market. IMPORTANT NOTE: This video is not financial advice; and the situation is still on-going.

External Sites for more Definitions and Info:


Seeking Alpha

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0:58 - The Setup

2:00 - Trading Terms

2:35 - Short Selling

3:27 - Example Short Sale

4:25 - Why Trading also Changes the Price

6:16 - Short Selling's Hazards

6:58 - The Short Squeeze Feedback Loop

10:10 - Closing Remarks


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I hate these people with every fiber of my being

#Finance #GME

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