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Topic #fiction

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High-Rise by J.G. Ballard

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🎬 JAAL [ fake ] - trailer

This story is about a student who finds a 500 bill on the floor in a theater while he was watching a movie. He was very excited to find it as he was totally broke. He bought a cigarette pack with that money from a street nicotine shop. This 500 bill was traveling from hand to hand but nobody noticed it was a fake one. But during this travel of the fake money it was also reveals the hypocrisy of its bearer and that was the plot of this fiction. 🎥🎥

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This is was my first feature film shoot produced by myself during 2007-8. I was young and full of dream at that time. Me and my friend Robi co directed this movie. But after shooting for 28-29 days, when I started the post production, I just lost all interest on the project and stopped editing it. Till now all the cassettes are collecting dust in my closet. But now I know that I wasnt mature enough to edit a feature film that time but I moved on.

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By Bucks2Bits

I just donated 1.0 TUBEs ($ 0.02 USD)


🎬 Khawabnama - trailer

This story is about an old guy in a village who could interpret Dreams of people. Some would believe in his tales and some used to think he is scamming the villagers. But one night his only son becomes sick and his luck takes a different toll...

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🎬 TraceLess - trailer

The Story was about a guy disappearing and then coming back again after many years with a new face while his wife was going paranoid crazy for loosing her husband. Then the story unfolds of his disappearance and the struggle to accept this stranger who claims to be her beloved.

#movies #video #fiction

This was nother fiction produced by my friend which I did the whole post production. We had a crazy team at that time working around the clock, brain-storming ideas, stories and going out to shoot it. It was our golden time when we were also fighting with the Tv channels to give us a fair share from the revenue. But it never happened..they would buy full copyright of our projects and also in lower price than our production cost. We would take the loss just to get on aired.

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