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Topic #extreme

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@Truth over traditions

Dying for the Truth

The cross is more than a piece of pretty jewellery. #martyrdom #extreme

Jesus said that lukewarm faith makes him want to puke. Yet we complain about the slightest inconvenience. Even if we never actually die as a martyr, we need to be prepared to do so if called upon. And if we have that attitude, we will stop baulking at the disciplines God DOES require of us right now.

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By Boyd6474

Being prepared to die for something you believe in is almost unheard of, as far as God goes. But, people will kill and plunder for their belief in money, and will go to war and die for it. Pretty sad.

@Truth over traditions

Would You Cut Off Your Hand for God?

This would have to be the most shocking teaching of Jesus, and yet it makes perfect sense when you take it literally. #religiousfanatics #extreme

This video examines the shocking teaching by Jesus that we should cut off our hand or pluck out our eye if they are causing us to sin. Did he really mean it? Yes, definitely. Listen, as this teaching is explained without apologising for what sounds like dangerous fanaticism.

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By KnockToOpen

it seems extreme but it makes perfect sense

By willrizzo1433

I wanted to say " I would cut off my hand if God told me too" but maybe He already has.....

By Boyd6474

It does seem extreme. But, when you think about it, we need to willing to do whatever it takes to bread the hold sin has on us.

By TruthSeekersCollective

We need to seriously think what this means. We have to be willing to do anything for God.