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Topic #dessert

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Yam ice-cream wafer

or is it a wafer ice-cream?? #foodsoftube #dessert

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Tiramisu "Truffles" | Great with everyone who loves coffee ☕

I know, I know these are not “truffles” but they are not “cake pops” either. However, I do know they are great for everyone who likes some coffee in their dessert. #recipe #dessert


1 package of ladyfingers (24 pieces)

3 tablespoons coffee

30 gr sugar | 2 tablespoons

140 gr cream cheese/labne | 2/3 cup

For coating:

350 gr chocolate | 2 cups | 12 oz

2 teaspoons of coffee powder 

How to make it

1. Blend ladyfingers with a food processor or by crushing them in a plastic bag until it becomes fine as flour. Add sugar and whisk it a bit.

2. Add cream cheese with a mixer/your hands/spoon and gradually pour the coffee into the mixture. The dough should be kind of solid but definitely not softer than cookie dough.

3. Put the dough onto a flat tray (so that it can cool off better) and put into the fridge for at least 30 minutes until it gets harder.

4. When the dough has become hard enough, take a small piece and squeeze it together. Roll into balls the size of walnuts (of course they can be smaller or bigger, the choice is yours).

5. Put the balls into the freezer for a few minutes.

6. In the meantime melt the chocolate and put the coffee powder into it. Mix it thoroughly.

7. Dip the cold/frozen truffle and put it onto a baking sheet so that the chocolate can set. 

8. Optional: Decorate while the chocolate is still wet. 


* Of course, you don’t need to coat the truffles with bittersweet chocolate as I did. White chocolate works just as well (but mind you the coffee powder will be visible, you might not want to add that if you want to have it clean white). Another idea would be rolling them in a coffee-cacao powder mixture. 

* I decorated mine with thin-ish white chocolate stripes but you could use sprinkles just as well (or simply not decorate it). 

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By MadeInUSAReview.com

Looks great ! Can't wait to try