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Topic #creator

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@Truth over traditions

Slam-dunk Proof that God Exists

Nothing complicated about this one, but it sure does shut up the atheists #atheists #creator

Over 300,000 people have watched this video on my YouTube channel, and the most unusual thing about it is, that it has had more than 3,000 DOWN-votes. (Down-votes are relatively rare on YouTube.) Atheists absolutely hate it, because they have no rebuttal. Not surprisingly, more than 5,000 people have upvoted it as well, because it pulls no punches, and gets straight into the nitty-gritty. The truth is the truth, whether you like it or not.

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By godtvradio

Liked and faved.

By KnockToOpen

well explained, it's time someone told it like it is! This is proof that God exists

By willrizzo1433

Oh yeah, it definitely makes atheists angry.. hope people will just search for the truth in it though!

By Boyd6474

He put us in the center of everything! WOW!

By TruthSeekersCollective

The Proof that God Exists is explained right in this video, well done!


Text Post

As a newcomer to Bittuber, I have a question. To anyone who upgraded to "Creator," is it worth it? I know you get unlimited post characters and longer running videos, but what I'm wondering is, did it really improve traffic for you? I've only been here a few days, but I'm looking in the long term. If things work out here, should I upgrade? Thank you for any insight! #Creator #Bittuber

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By ShakmGaming

By ShakmGaming

Tbo with you i upgraded mostly for the time limit on videos. As a gaming channel 20 minutes are a bit too restrictive for me, but seeing as your videos are short you should be fine at free or plus honestly.

As for the costs it really depends how active you are (read: how much xp are you getting in 3 months' time by doing things like commenting, posting, watching other people's videos etc).

I'd say if you're even moderately active then the "plus" subscription is worth it because it's dirt cheap. It ends up being 1$ per month if you can reach 2500 xp every three months (i'm not the best example for this, but being active on here daily i always max out at 10000 xp easily). Same goes for "creator" if you regularly reach 4500 xp. - I include a screenshot for you to see where the prices end up once you reach maximum xp.

You probably have seen these charts already, but just in case:


@The official account

Here are this week's Tubers!

Continuing the tradition, every day of the week we will introduce a new #creator to the community.ðŸŽĨ

Subscribe and show them how vibrant the #BitTubers community can be!

This week's #Tubers:






#TUBE #ContentCreators #Crypto

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By mineyourbiz

Thank you for the mention @BitTubeOfficial !

It was a great milestone being the first creator to hit 1,000 subscribers on the original bit.tube platform- looking forward to seeing how content/subs propagate over to bittubers 😀

By ShakmGaming

I think i'd be nice for them to introduce themselves with a comment or something; this will let people know if they are interested in visiting their profiles and subscribing to them @horcsa @SergioMendes @mineyourbiz @TrinhDuc @Achilleas

By maxbittube9999

When i try to check my notifacations, it goes to a black screen with just the logo, no matter how many times i restart it! Please fix it! #bittube

@The official account

Text Post

Every day of the week, we'll present a new #creator to the community. Let's subscribe and show them that they have an engaging audience watching them on #BitTubers!

This week's #Tubers:

- @WayBeyondPadthai

- @airtimealchemy

- @BombardsBodyLanguage

- @CryptoRich

- @slacktmusic

#TUBE #Community #ContentCreators

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By CoZ

could you link to their pages from the names list? i think more people would click rather than search

By ShakmGaming

Nice 🙂 I suggest including their handles so they get a notification about this:

@WayBeyondPadthai @airtimealchemy @BombardsBodyLanguage @CryptoRich @slacktmusic

@The official account

How do you pick up the phone? ðŸĪŠ

Meet @TrinhDuc on #BitTubers!


#TUBE #Creator #OriginalTubers

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By nachodon

this is exactly the way i pick up the phone when Vladimir Putin calls.

By TrinhDuc