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Topic #compromise

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@Truth over traditions

Will Christians Take the Mark of the Beast?

Time to get the issues clear. #MOTB #Compromise

The prophesied "mark of the beast" is coming together before our eyes, and a lot of people are starting to seriously ask themselves whether they can get away with taking the mark of the best and still be able to get into heaven. They want to have it both ways, but they are also seeing through the very convenient "secret rapture" escapist doctrine. We are moving much closer to the showdown, and so this video has taken off like no other video that I have ever produced. I just released it on YouTube yesterday, and already it has had about 10,000 views. And that is DESPITE the fact that YouTube now refuses to promote any of my videos. It is going somewhat viral almost exclusively through individuals like you sharing it with your friends through social media. Please check it out, and if you think it is helpful, tell your friends. Thank you.

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By TruthSeekersCollective

We need to seriously Recognize the spirit behind the prophecy and act on it!

By willrizzo1433

Short answer is professing Christians will definitely take it. We need have some honest self doubt about this topic.

By Boyd6474

I think almost all professing Christians will take mark.

By KnockToOpen

thinking that we can take the mark of the beast and still get away with it is a damnable lie - thanks for exposing how important it is to refuse the mark of the beast