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Topic #celebrities

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@Truth over traditions

Celebrity Pastors

Is this an oxymoron? #celebrities #pastors

Being a pastor and being a celebrity may be mutually exclusive, because what it takes to be a pastor is time... time for the sheep. And the more sheep there are, the more impossible it is to take time for each of them.

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By Barry.J.Pintu

The pastors these days bare no resemblence to what Jesus was talking about. These days pastors are all about making money. We need get back to the teachings of Jesus.

By Boyd6474

People think just because someone is rich and on TV that they must be following Jesus; they couldn't be further from the truth.

By willrizzo1433

Celebrity pastors make me sick. Thanks for exposing this and getting the word out!

By KnockToOpen

I had never thought about it that way, but it makes total sense - thanks for sharing

By AmazingGloryGrace...

Who wants to be a celebrity... Most pastors obviously with their not for profit fringe benefits...

By TruthSeekersCollective

Very good video! honestly celebrity pastors are not really following God are they?