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No easy 2FA input..

There is still no cursor in the form field when you want to look up your wallets inside the firefox browser

and have to give in your 2FA code...

This must be a missing feature in the airtime module...

You always have to click into the form field to set your cursor there to input the 2FA code..

which is really annoying !

Would be great if one can just type on the keypad the 6 numbers and press enter...

Many thanks.. Regards, Stefan.

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By nachodon

wow 2,700 views! you are very popular. i posted one up a few hours ago and have 0 upvotes and 2,600 views! doh!

By hartiberlin

For 2FA the Android App Authy is best, cause if your phone is broken you can add a new phone and synchronize it from the cloud via backup synchronisation...so your 2FA Codes are not lost...But I really would like to have fixed the input form field and the timeout issue. Many thanks.

By booyaka

i want 2FA for email , i dont like the phone cause if your phone fuck up you have no way to get 2 FA . there a 2FA for there browser that is good but cant use it on for the airtime extension. the extension closes if i open the browser 2FA extension and it is annoying