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BTC Maxis are Gaslighting You!

Roger Ver points out the similarities between bitcoin maximalist propagandizers and the tactics use by the CIA. I've been saying for long time to anyone willing to listen that bitcoin has been infiltrated by nefarious actors and Richard Heart admits the tactics they used to get Segwit were the same as those of the CIA (lie, cheat, steal, etc). Richard Heart AKA THE SPAM KING aka: Richard Schuller was a bitcoin maximalist - up until the point that he wanted to launch his own scam coin called Hex.

#bitcoin #btc #bch #crypto #bitcoincash

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By hartiberlin

Good advices how Bitcoin basically sucks and where to get directly to go from Fiat 2 BCH.. Many thanks for these tips !


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By Mind3Crypto

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Text Post

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Is Bitcoin Dying?

This was my first attempt at video editing. I had no idea what I was doing but decided to post this up anyway.

Show notes: Today Don and Forrest talk about the disappointing launch on Bakkt and failed promises of BTC maximalists that Bitcoin would never dip below $10,000 again. Is bitcoin a failure and should you buy it? Or are there other more promising cryptocurrencies which will eventually turn bitcoin into cryptocurrency's modern day "MySpace" story. Why is Bitcoin BTC so slow, expensive (fees) and unreliable? What can we do about it and where is the price going?


#bitcoin #btc #bch #bittube #crypto

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By HempysHub

I just donated 1.0 TUBEs ($ 0.01 USD)

By MasterShake

Good show I love it.

By MasterShake

I don't think it's dying I heard from someone in the know it was going to go down then way up. Then even Tube and all other coins will go up alot. It's just what I heard they were right about the huge drop in Bitcoin value.

By Nosat

Guy makes interesting case for BTC and against alt coins

Tone Vays - "Vitalik is the Putin of Ethereum" - on Altcoins, Privacy Coins, and more!



Episode 8: Let's talk about BITCOIN! (crypto edition)

Taped in Mid April 2019:

Forrest and Don talk about the 10 year old big daddy of cryptocurrency space: Bitcoin, and reasons you need to get in there NOW and buy some! This is not a technical discussion but rather a simple explanation of what Bitcoin $BTC is, how to buy it, and why you should buy some. The future of money is here. Don't miss it.

This is not financial advice and we are not financial advisors. We just love Bitcoin and believe it is bound to exponentially explode in price in the coming years. (at time of this podcast 1BTC = $5,100 )

Twitter: @BRBGshow Email: BRBGshow@gmail.com

#christian #christianity #bitcoin #crypto #bch

**Bank Robber and the Bitcoin Guy (BRBGshow) is available on all major podcast platforms such as itunes, google play, stitcher, youtube, etc.

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