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Topic #antizionism

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Below is a link to a very good list of references regarding one of the greatest lies ever told: "The Holocaust". If you are interested in learning the TRUTH about this non-event and other tawdry facts about "god's chosen people" (LOL!) then please be sure to check this out.

I am not a jew hater by any means and could care less if you think that I am. Most Jews are simply as bamboozled by the lies as anyone else and should not be blamed as individuals. You can love your Italian friends but I hate the mafia. Get the analogy?

Anyway, here it is--- a treasure trove of good info all in one place.


#holohoax #holocaust #jews #zionism #antizionism

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By JoseCalderon

I translated this video into Spanish and was barred by youtube too quick. But here it is again 😁



Christopher Bollyn: Making Sense of the "War on Terror"

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David Ike with my boy Adam Green explains how Satanic Zionist Occultists are driving us into a Totalitarian World

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By thanksmia

Icke is amazing


Episode: 3: Zionism is a Christian Lie

The guys talk about the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting hoax and the importance of 911 truth. Don talks about how cryptocurrencies are useful for getting off the hamster wheel and Forrest predicts that crypto will be on everyone's phone within 5 years.

The two discuss how zionism heresy has turned well meaning Christians into bloodthirsty warmongers. Don urges everyone to look into the works for Christopher Bollyn and Dr Alan Sabrosky for 911 truth. They touch on the importance of flat earth truth and why it's significant. Don talks about answered prayer and later touches on homelessness in San Francisco.

Twitter: @BRBGshow Email: BRBGshow@gmail.com

#christian #christianity #zionism #antizionism

**Bank Robber and the Bitcoin Guy (BRBGshow) is available on all major podcast platforms such as itunes, google play, stitcher, youtube, etc.

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