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Could This Frequency Cure All Disease? Rife 787hz

787 Hz was a frequency commonly used by Royal Rife and with Rife machines to cure common diseases and ailments. This frequency has an extensive list on what it has been used for all sorts from cancer to toothaches.

Scientist have been experimenting with frequency ranges to cure disease for many decades.

Reports of lung disease being cured and you can actually buy rife machines marketed for and successful in curing Lyme's disease!

Why isn't this more mainstream, and why do they hold back the fact that this frequency alone and with other frequencies such as 528hz and many more, can stimulate virus reversal and healing!

Could Covid and all other disease as well as all Cancer be cured quickly with frequencies.

This upload is tuned to pure 787hz sine wave, the most common frequency used by Royal Rife with great success.

Listen 👂 through speakers and let your body absorb the sound.

Discover The Sacred Sound Of Creation

Go here >> https://tinyurl.com/SoundOfCreation

#healing #rifefrequency #isochronic #healingsounds #alternatemedicine

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