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Topic #ageofdeceit

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@Merrimour The Red

Prayers Go Out To Gonz From "Face Like The Sun" Who Had His Youtube Purged

#FaceLikeTheSun #AgeOfDeceit

Prayers go out to Gonz Shimura who's amazing films Age of Deceit ... For all his hard work on YouTube that personally led me to becoming a Christian ... It would appear that all vids from Face Like The Sun are now to be found on platforms like Bitchute and Odysee due to all of the censorship - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/OESTBn2wcW3V/?fbclid=IwAR3TZrvly3SfvqInBuIPv04tAWIxyikwyHARHyvf6tMPDkmSif35wt2tjis

I pray Yahshua יהושע Jesus the Son and

Yahuah YAH יהוה God the Father in Heaven

Please keep us , bless us , forgive us and

protect us all through the coming tribulation



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