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my thoughts on: FLAT EARTH

Today I talk about why flat earth truth is important, and especially beneficial for agnostics and atheists.

#flatearth #christianity #christian #flat #flatearther

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By MerrimourTheRed

i got into FE when after friending math powerland and rob skiba on facebook years ago ... texting online with them since 2015 and i was hooked right away ... and as a christian i feel this topic is top shelf important ... as a physics major even before i became a christian i knew big bang was bunk ... ive made many vids about it now ... IMO the sun is an electric plasma circuit and the moon its opposite charge ... Gods 2 lamps

By solidxstate

flat earth is the ultimate troll

By nachodon

@stupidmonkey i don't have any knowledge about livestock or what was truly meant by the "striped stick" verse.... but i'm pretty sure it's possible it was some type of genetic modification / breeding technique at the time given to Abraham by God but not fully explained.... i think to get hung up on that is almost pointless as some things are fully and clearly explained while others are implied... such as flat earth. The scriptures for example never implicitly say that the earth is "flat" ... but it is strongly implied -- through analogy and metaphor which can not be denied... here's just 2 of them: 1. When the scriptures speak of the 4 corners of the earth several times... a sphere does not have corners. Many christians will say this is N, S, E and West -- but where is the "corner" of east or west on a ball? Impossible. Another is Job 38:14 (speaking about the earth): It takes on form like clay under a seal, ... This is the same word used for the signet ring that a King would stamp into wax to seal a letter -- when you press down on it it makes an impression and the edges turn up. So, from verses like this we can see that God implies a flat earth while not explicitly stating it is flat - or that water does not curve.

By RedPillPhilosophy

I just donated 20.0 TUBEs ($ 0.20 USD)

By StupidMonkey

The Bible is the inerrant word of God. Genesis 30:39. Cattle will have striped offspring if they mate near a striped pole. Maybe best not to get your science education from the Bible. Just saying.

By VladonFlatEarth

thanks brother man

By ninjacura1

Good work. Loving the videos. Keep making them!...

By fil_bell

I just donated 10.0 TUBEs ($ 0.09 USD)

By RedPillPhilosophy

Space X as NASA for millennials....never thought of it that way, but it sounds about right

By Nosat

Great rant...

If we do not want to know the Lord He will allow the demons to cast their deception over us. No one and nothing is independent of Him and His mercy is oceans deep.


WHY BUY TUBE NOW!? (the case for 100X)

In this video I make a strong case why BitTubers and anyone who wants to get wealthy should be buying $TUBE now!

I also go over many of the details about the cryptocurrency $TUBE: the details and characteristics of the currency, what makes it special, and why it has wings to fly.

** This video is geared towards people who are fairly new to cryptocurrency and/or those who wish to know more about the native cryptocurrency of bittubers.com: $TUBE


note: If you would like to know more about the AirTime extension please check out the companion video to this one here: https://bittubers.com/post/2ceedef0-50b1-44e0-9db3-f39c02160695

ALSO SOME NOTABLE ERRORS IN THIS VIDEO - I said that bitcoin had a 900X move and Monero a 500X move but actually it was 9,000X and 5,000X (900,000% and 500,000%) - a 100X move in tube would be a 10,000% increase from today and put us at about $1.00 USD. Please forgive my errors - but WOW ! If tube can do a small fraction of these moves we are in the $$$$ . If stated correctly it would have made a 10x more compelling case for Tube stardom! ; )

#bittube #tube #airtime #crypto #bitcoin

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By nachodon

@MerrimourTheRed If you watch my latest video in it's entirety you'll understand that TUBE is your 2nd chance at crypto riches.. https://bittubers.com/post/b1e85d0e-cebc-4b54-adfa-c04d15f14ff3 . there will be waves of this. Get as much tube as you can in the coming year and treat it with respect. 😀

By MerrimourTheRed

i heard bitcoin even passed like $8000 per coin or some such ... like 4 x what gold is worth ... wow ... i wish i had gotten in on cryptos back in begining

By nachodon

@smaram check out the comment below by @godtvradio -- this is why i'm attempting to make some instructional type videos to help noobs to the platform out... many simply won't know about crypto - i really appreciated his reply - very candid and honest and he's not the only one you i'm sure!. LMK if you think a particular user / tutorial piece would be most useful. I may do a basics of crypto currency one for the bittubers tomorrow -- geared at helping the non-crypto types better get a grip and understanding of crypto in a general sense.

By godtvradio

I was censored from youtube repeatedly and moved to bitchute. Hated it and almost quit completly. Friend told me about this. Here is the thing...most of us have no clue what the hell people are talking about when it comes to crypto. I have read up and still makes no sense to me. I always recieved support and donations via paypal. Had no clue you could buy shit. Thinking about buying the pay verification thing. I'll need to see more before I buy.

By MasterShake

Great video! I might have to buy some tube now! How long do think till tube gets to 5 dollars per tube?

By nachodon

@moss LMAO you keep beating this same sad drum. The inflation is what it is..... it's a schedule. It's set in stone. It can't be adjusted. It is what pays everyone out (Airtime) I explained this in the video... did you even watch it - or are you just complaining with no understanding how POW coins work? I made a case for tube comparing to Bitcoin in the early days.... miners were mining at a loss... there was ZERO demand. One guy bought 2 pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins. This is how unremarkable and non-valuable BTC once was. All coins need to start somewhere.... and the distribution/ shared inflation model of this coin is one of the most exciting things about it. People getting a few tubes here and there in Airtime are not rushing to sell it. LOL! While they can sell it, few people would bother selling a couple dollars worth of TUBE -- they will just Hodl it. Sound familiar? The Airtime module then could be seen as deflationary in a sense, and encourages 'savings' and hodl behaviors. Please don't make me block you.... i'm really sick of you crying about inflation with NOTHING to back up your fear and fud..... If you'd like why don't you challenge me to a debate on the topic? That could be fun for the community for you to demonstrate how little you actually know about money, pow, crypto and inflation. I'll give you every opportunity to state your case publicly... but yah, these weak ass little inflation comments have just got to stop please. You don't like the inflation (Airtime distribution to the users) here? -or more likely; 'don't get it'..... then by all means don't buy this coin.

By moss

Damn we've added 100 million Tube in a year. It's one thing to see the curve and another to feel it. That's a freaking LOT.

By nachodon

@TheBitMan360 Lots already built here , and a built in community of content creators to help push it forward much more rapidly than other crypto projects.... at some point I believe this could be a perfect storm of great convergences - all pushing a fully private cryptocurrency forward and toward more mainstream use. 👍

By TheBitMan360

Thanks man! I am having issues getting excited by TUBE but this could change once we see some movement north.

By voidberg345634

Very good video for a very good project!


CHRISTIAN CHEVAL feat. ALLSTARS _ Drop It...! ( Rap On It mix )


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Boocca Inc. - Where Is The Love (Paul Lomax Simon K. Mix)


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LoFi Xmas Aftermovie

Check out LoFi.gr's LoFi Xmas event:


#music #video

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Lofi Greece

This is a promo video for the Greek Lofi Community represented by Lofi.gr

Lofi.gr is brought to you by Inhinito.

#music #video

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By EliteStudios



Xmas Party

Our #music present for you 🎁🎄

Check out the full #video here:


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The price of TUBE got CRUSHED IN 2019, but.... HOPE IS ON THE HORIZON! (2019 TUBE vs USD review)

TUBE blockchain lost vs the USD in 2019... 59% of it's USD price. Did it gain in value? I personally believe so! Will TUBE rally vs the USD next year? Will it rally vs BTC? Nobody knows, but we all hope it does.

Disclaimer: Not financial advice. My opinions are entertainment value only. Seek alicensed financial advisory before making any investment decisions.

#tube #trading #crypto #bitcoin

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I just donated 1.0 TUBEs ($ 0.01 USD)



Today I look at the crypto market, especially #bitcoin, #bch, the total market cap 2 (minus btc) and the btc.d (bitcoin dominance chart) and the bullish signs that we might be entering another bull run.

I mention our BitTube Whale group in this video. If you'd like to join and you're highly supportive of BitTube please join us on telegram: https://t.me/BitTubePromoters

#crypto #trading #tube

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By Nosat

I see the recent high volatility in TUBE as positive, the action gets people thinking and talking about it. Then they can discover the platform.

By godtvradio

Can't get in. Let me offer you something better though. You will enjoy this and it's great for having people come chat. https://streamyard.com/


DR Pigekoret Nytår 2019 (Danish National Girl's Choir New Year 2019)

#Music #Song

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