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@Ronin Yeti Studio

"LoS: The Buntaien Souls" | Episode #01 Teaser

A short but suspenseful teaser for very first episode of the old school, indie game "Legends of Saviors: The Buntaien Souls," with Ronin Yeti and the Gaming Dojo.

Watch the 1st episode soon!

*Most content herein was created and is owned by Ronin Yeti Studio and the Gaming Dojo, RPGMaker created by Agetec, music from Power Music Factory YT Channel

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By badb0iie


@Ronin Yeti Studio

WELCOME to "Conveying the Obvious"



It's been a long time coming (12 years, in fact), but welcome to the *NEW* and *IMPROVED* "Conveying the Obvious," an interactive and informative video series that will try to challenge your opinions, engender new perspectives, and satiate your curiosity. Keep an eye out on this channel, because more episodes will be released as they are researched, filmed, edited, and finalized!

Please check out these other CtO sites:

  • www.patreon/ctoshow
  • www.bitchute/channel/ctoshow
  • www.youtube.com/channel/UCpBqPobCgcf5E0ioK0qbYrg
  • www.soundcloud.com/ctoshow

*Most content herein is owned by Ronin Yeti Studio and CtO, music owned by their respective artists, some video clips owned by their respective scientists and journalists (all can be found in the ending credits)

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By badb0iie

Rawk n Roll!!


Atomy Absolte Spot Out Cream and Essence.

Atomy Absolute Spot-Out Essence

Absolute's thoughts on skin whitening!

Skin stress, melanin pigmentation, Treat the root cause of skin darkening caused by changes t o the skin due to aging!

Innovative 6-step whitening essence by Absolute Science for ultra radiant.

Answering to the Basics of Skin Whitening.

Bright and radiant skin like it's been photo-shopped.

Effective natural ingredients meet Atomy's advanced skin technology.

Atomy Absolute Spot-Out Cream

Under light, phytoene and phytofluene absorb UVA and UVB, respectively.

Reflects green light that minimizes redness.

Creates vibrant skin by combating photo-aging and through hue cancellation.

Adding the magic of Spot-Out Cream to the astonishment of Spot-Out Essence!

6-Step Mechanism for 'DARK SPOT OUT’

A6-step whitening mechanism offered exclusively by Atomy that achieves brightening at the root by managing the entire process.

1st STEP

Brighten with CellActiveM Brightening Code.

Core technology and core ingredients for overall skin whitening.

<CellActiveTM Technology> precisely delivers the effective ingredients to address skin troubles like melanin enzyme production and Absolute Spot-Out Cream' maximizes the whitening effect by adding a high concentration of the effective ingredient Brightening Code> as a main ingredient.

CellActiveTM Brightening Code

1. CellActiveTM Technology

Cutting-edge technology for quick and exact delivery of vitalizing active ingredients to areas with skin troubles.

2. Brightening CodeTM

Atomy's ingredient technology that upgraded efficiency by combining valuable materials that are effective for whitening in an optimum ratio.

2nd STEP

Block the formation of melanin enzymes!

Inhibition of the production of melanin enzyme.


A natural ingredient extracted from candeia trees.

Controls the inhibition of tyrosinase, a melanin synthase.

Relieves skin redness to help brighten your skin.

Candeia Tree (Traditional Medical Plants)

Contains an ample amount of a-Bisabolol, an ingredient that grows on the bark of candeia trees in the southern grasslands of Brazil.

Used as an ingredient for natural skin whitening care.

Melanin-inducing hormones fom when skin is exposed to UV rays.

Effects of a-Bisabolol.

3rd STEP

Stop the activity of melanin enzyme.

Impediment of melanin enzyme activity.

Licorice extract (Glabridin Effect)

Plant-based natural skin whitening agent extracted from licorice extract.

Prevents the activity of tyrosinase, a melanin synthase.

Prevents melanin synthesis in the first step to relieve pigmentation (spots, freckles).


Plant-based natural skin whitening agent extracted from licorice stem and roots.

4th STEP

Prevent the transfer of melanin to the skin stratum corneum.

Skin whitening effect through inhibition of skin stratum corneum transference of melanin.

Niacinamide(VitaminB3) *For brightening.

Prevents melanin from making pigmentation in the stratum corneum by controlling the spread of melanin to melanosome, a carrier that moves the produced melanin to the skin.

5th STEP

Stimulate epidermal cell turnover by activating skin neurotransmitter system!

Gives skin radiance and improves skin thickness by stimulating skin epidermal turnover.

NEUROBIOX (Yarrow extract)

Plant-derived active ingredient that improves skin tone.

Helps improve skin tone and skin radiance by renewing the skin.

International Patent. 10-2015-0030281 PCT/EP2008/057130

Improved skin radiance

About 20% improvement in skin radiance compared glycolic acid (AHA)

6th STEP

Tone up your skin with IBR-TCLC

Skin brightening effect

IBR-TCLC (natural cartiloids [phytoene and phytofluene])

For brightened skin tone

Helps relieve melanin synthesis by absorbing UV rays.

International Patent. 10-1448317 PCT/IL2007/000648


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@ZaZeinb NB

Kimetsu no Yaibaamv &amp; Likin Park in the end

#music #anime

Kimetsu no Yaibaamv & Likin Park in the end

Una version de in the end de Likin Park

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@ZaZeinb NB

phoenix ft cailin russo and chrissy costanza worlds 2019 league of legends (Audio)

#music #gameplay

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@Atticus Herodes

History Prodigy Online and Censorship Issue

Atticus with a customary rant And Discussion about Prodigy online Censroship

issues and what we did when they refused to fix an Issue that just got worse. #History

Snippet of Article from TechRepublic. https://www.techrepublic.com/blog/classics-rock/prodigy-the-pre-internet-online-service-that-didnt-live-up-to-its-name/

Send in the censors

In 1991 Prodigy management decided to censor content. It probably began as an idea for reducing message traffic, but Prodigy started banning negative comments about advertisers and then any public comments about advertisers. Additionally, Prodigy banned profanity and anything else that might offend anybody. Next came a ban on flame wars among members. Soon the service literally outlawed postings that mentioned another member by name.

Eventually every message was examined by censors, and any that violated the rules were deleted. It was a Sisyphean task, and they overdid it. For example, members couldn't use the word "bitch" in a dog breeders' forum. And supposedly discussions of the Roosevelt dime were deleted from a coin-collector's board because there was a member whose screen name was "Roosevelt Dime."

Prodigy members were incensed. Thousands fought back by organizing users into underground e-mail groups. Conversation threads were picked up from the boards and circulated in listserv fashion, with each participant adding comments and passing them on. It was like having to send USENET newsgroups to thousands of recipients several times a day. E-mail traffic swelled to staggering proportions.

Prodigy returned fire with a limit on e-mail messages. If you sent more than 30 messages per month, you had to pay five cents per message. Carbon copies cost a quarter. And the flat rate went up to $14.95. Some members wrote Prodigy advertisers in protest and had their accounts cancelled.

other sources

My memory






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@Atticus Herodes

IRC in an AOL like wrapper

Feeling Old want to relive the old internet? Want to search the net? Chat with a few buds, send an EMAIL and listen to that super relaxing dial up Sound.#Irc

An overview of a Project AOL wrapper to chat on Snoonet IRC.https://github.com/erfg12/AOL_4.0_Emu

#aol,#america online,#chat,#internet,#tech,#technology

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@Ronin Yeti Studio

CtO Series #1 - Once Upon A Crime in Hollywood | Episode 1 - Introductory Connections


The first series of Conveying the Obvious hits the ground sprinting with a 30-minute episode that introduces the hosts, the show, and the hot-button topic of the entire series. Once Upon A Crime In Hollywood delves into a tangled web of drama, deceit, and even death, conveying that the public lifestyles of some of our most beloved stars and starlets might be mere illusions, to hide their more devious pleasures.

For decades, Hollywood elites have had accusations and arrests of many kind, some benign, some strange, while others are hard to mention in casual conversation. Sexual assault charges, child endangerment, blackmail; these are just some of the serious charges that have been documented and filed for public view. However, what if even more heinous acts of betrayal were, for the most part, being swept under the rug, with the assailants virtually being let off the hook.

Only in the past 5 or so years have we seen a serious movement to take most of these accusations seriously and to court! Some of these supposed victims coming forward could more than likely just trying to get a free ride against someone they may have had had eye contact with once in a bar somewhere forgotten. While many others have shown both correlative and casual evidence against the perpetrators of this kind, and to avail with victories in court! This episode hopes to set the stage for more of the episodes to follow in this series, and to set the tone of the show, itself.

I am so grateful for everyone who has taken the time to watch this video, and hope you enjoyed how I conveyed such a subject in a less tedious and depressing way that we might be used to. I want others to realize that problems exist to be solved, and that even things of this magnitude can be solved incrementally; it just takes time, vigilance, and whole lot of camaraderie.

Check out these other CtO sites for more information on the show:

- Patreon: www.patreon.com/CtOShow

- BitChute: www.bitchute.com/channel/ctoshow

- SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/ctoshow

- BitTube.tv: bittube.tv/profile/RoninYeti

*Some content herein is owned by Ronin Yeti Studio and CtO, all other royalty free and free use content (like music, news clips, documents, etc) are owned by their respective creators/owners (sources can be seen in the credits)

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@Ronin Yeti Studio

The Corona Days | Vlog Entry #3



Some 40 days later, from when it all began - cabin fever begins to set in - and I am deep inside mother nature; looking to survive on the natural elements that has sustained so many before me. Bushcraft, Minecraft, and Warcraft - these are the essential skillsets I must obtain in order to live on the fringe of a world in lockdown. Will mother nature take me into her warm embrace, or will I fall victim to a predator worse than any man?!

This is a journal entry of sorts - the 3rd of who knows how many - about life alongside Corona-chan-sama-lama-ding-dong.

*Most content herein is owned by Ronin Yeti Studio, music created by Jantrax

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From 1918 to 1968 Republicans in the House of Representatives authored 200 anti-lynching bills which would have made lynching a federal crime as well as holding states and state officials accountable for allowing lynchings within their jurisdictions to occur. Every single of the 200 anti-lynching bills were blocks by Democrats in Congress. To this day the United States Federal government has not made lynching and states who offer sanctuary for lynching a federal crime.

#lynching #americanracism #WHITESUPREMACY #DEMOCRATPARTY

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@Ronin Yeti Studio

The Left-Shoe Shuffle | A protestor learns the Hot Shoe Shuffle in record time!!



I haven't done an epic meme in a while, and never in video form, so I thought I'd try my hand, again, at the beloved craft!

*Some content herein was created by Ronin Yeti Studio, thanks to Jon Cover's video (https://youtu.be/7kjAKnw2Ql8) and the dancing expertise of the Hot Shoe Shuffle Boys (https://youtu.be/RKcsPOLXZz4)

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By MasterShake

lol this is pretty funny!

@Ronin Yeti Studio

Ronin Yeti Studio Monthly Newsletter #16 | September 2020



Here is the newest Ronin Yeti Studio monthly newsletter, where I delve into controversial news from around the world, and elaborate on projects created within the studio! This month's topics are details about the Kyle Rittenhouse incident, dawn of the Technocratic Overlords, and the discovery of an underground ocean on Earth! Also, don't forget to check out Hockey Man [REMADE] and this edition's Monthly Shout-Out: Paul Joseph Watson.

View Newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/986a7bdbd90a/ronin-yeti-studio-newsletter-16-september-2020

Subscribe: https://mailchi.mp/95fda7e67fd1/welcome-subscriber-landing-page

*Some content herein is owned by Ronin Yeti Studio, music created by White Bat Audio (check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-wKcIkElIc), and all other videos are owned by their respective creators

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By John doorman

All the things happening in America are leading to this; https://bit.ly/UnitednationsandBibleprophecy



In order for out definitions to work for us, we need to understand the nature of the words we use. Fascism seems to be one of those terms which the general public has little to no grasp on. Not of its history, nor of its meaning....

#fascism #blm #antifa #altright #altleft #culturalrevolution

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@Atticus Herodes

I am Back with updates

My upcomming plans my projects. And other updates😚

Letting every one know that I am here to stay again.

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ALERTA👉⛔️Empiezan DETENCIONES a los que opinan diferente a lo Oficial.

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Robert esas detenciones absurdas y orquestadas, no solo lo están haciendo en España sino en muchos países en el mundo por las ÉLITES ASESINAS del NOM = NUEVA DICTADURA MUNDIAL, estoy cansado de decir a la gente que salga y luche por su LIBERTAD, nadie sabe lo que tiene hasta que lo pierde.

@Ronin Yeti Studio

Hockey Man [REMADE]



Home videos are a wonderful thing when you want to sit back with family and friends and relive wonderful memories gone by. However, some memories are probably best left buried, especially those of the dreaded Hockey Man and his extreme need for acceptance and bi-curious cravings.

Go watch the original footage: https://youtu.be/ZsddR_qc9Po

*Some content herein was created and is owned by Ronin Yeti Studio, all music is owned by their respective creators, all other mediums are owned by their respective creators

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By Ranzenprinz


By 6LongVlog