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Singer/Songwriter from Wales UK

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Smoke - By The Turtle Project

This is from my latest EP "Through The Smoke"

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By winkandwoo.

there is no way around it , it's a fabulous track

By winkandwoo.

and as the smoke clears , does the world become any clearer ? discuss .......

By voidberg345634

I just donated 10.0 TUBEs ($ 0.18 USD)

By KillTheBeast1

I just donated 10.0 TUBEs ($ 0.20 USD)

By KillTheBeast1

Beautiful song. You are very talented. Bless you.

By NuPulse

what a lovely job, bro love it!


Aftermath by The Turtle Project

i think one of my finest songs to date

video made by konksling

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By Doofus4ever

Wow Stellar performance and good video well done and keep it up

By winkandwoo.

wow well executed lyric vid , great track of course too

By AtomCollector

Yeah one of your best. Such emotion!

By BabylonX

And the second part gets so emotional, I literally started to cry!

By BabylonX

Wow, man! This song is so good! The lyrics, music, video - everything matches so well! Enjoyed watching this video very much!


Introduction to The Turtle Project

Hello bittubers

I am a solo artist from Wales UK and have been on the old bittube for some time, I'm excited to get stuck in here, things are looking good so far.

I will be sharing my music with you all soon so watch this space

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By TheatreOfDelays

the turtle needs more posts that i can upvote

By winkandwoo.

we need video from you mr turtle , i'm getting withdrawal symptoms !

By MovieVigilante

I listened to your song Hypersensitive. Very good song. 👍

By blackeyebutterfly

Hi Turtle !

By TheatreOfDelays

there you are ;-)

By atomcollector4

Can't seem to vote but welcome!

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