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@Jesse Cochran

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A couple years ago I used BitTube but ended up deleting my account for mental health reasons. Now that I am mentally healthy, I am back! Using this BitTube Profile, I upload lyrics for written songs, digital abstract art, and video game footage. I also share links to metal concerts via YouTube link.

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@Jesse Cochran

Jesse Cochran - Hypnotic War Machine (FULL INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM)

Music made using https://djen.co

Original samples by me :)


1. Consciousness War (This has a long intro)

2. Hypnotic Presence

3. C:\>_

4. Moral Consistency

5. Digitally Intoxicated

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@Jesse Cochran

I Don't Know What to Call This

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@Jesse Cochran

SOULTRIS - Remixes Prepared For War (FULL ALBUM)


  1. Real Pain (Headache Mix)
  2. Communist Wojicki (Warhead Remix)
  3. Millennial Drug Cult (Cyber Mix)
  4. The Apparent Crime of Free Thought (Chant Mix)
  5. Destroy Big Tech (Banjo Extreme Mix)
  6. Lack of Reflection (Aero Mix)
  7. Feminazi Go Boom-Boom (Rain Pour Mix)

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