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I have a YouTube, but I don't like where the platform has gone, and is going. I don't know if it's worth being there anymore. At the very least, YouTube deserves a competitor. I've posted lots of stuff. I might start with Animemes and Touhou stuff. Might diversify from there. Please wait warmly as this weirdo uploads more archives he's made in the past, and also works on completing completely new content.  I'm still very new to cryptocurrencies, but I'm very interested in learning more. If you know of good resources to learn more, please feel free to share. Also, I try to respond to comments, and receive criticism gracefully. If you have stuff to share, I'd love to hear it that. Thanks everybody for 100+ subscribers! I've been busy with stuff in real life, but I'll try to think of good videos to reupload from my YouTube here and/or new videos. But I can't guarentee how quickly I can do that.

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