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@The Uncivil Libertarian

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I'm 71 years of age and a borderline curmudgeon. I've toyed with the piano off and on during my adult life and taught myself to sing and write songs at 65; my motivation catalysed by bullshit-riddled, pecksniffian and pharisaical mongrels, masquerading as politicians; or is that snollygosters? Their inhumanity towards refugees, pensioners, the indiginous, the disadvantaged, the unemployed, the handicapped, the working man et al, is patently gratuitous and 'Un-Australian'. Stand proud you incumbent arseholes; your piece de resistance... to 'kick em when their down'... resonates beyond our realm and into the kingdom of satan. Fuckyu!.... I say.....metaphorically of course. To everyone else...enjoy the songs...I love you! Cheers. TheUncivilLibertarian

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