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@ Spiritual Chili

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"Spiritual Chili" is what you need today to wake up to reality and start living for real. WARNING! All the material you find here is based on the impactful teachings of Jesus... words spicier than chili, but that will revive your life like nothing else will! What are you waiting for? Try one of these hot messages and see how much you tolerate the sting of truth in your conscience =) Eager for more? Eat here for free: https://bit.ly/JC_Home

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Prayerful Music

Beautiful #music with meaning... enjoy this playlist while you feed your spirit with this precious prayerful songs!



This is a series on the Teachings of Jesus, from the 4 Gospels. Here, we are going to explore what Jesus taught, how to put it into practice today, and compare it to what the world and the institutional church are really doing with these teachings. Prepare to be challenged, since Jesus himself was a revolutionary man with a completely new vision of life, based on true love and sincere faith in God (The Kingdom of Heaven), but also to be very inspired with this Truths!



Important information about the current affairs of the world and its relation to the Biblical prophecies of the last times. The purpose of these videos is to encourage people to know more about what is happening in the world today (especially to observe China's great role in all of this), how it relates to Bible prophecy, and what to reasonably expect according to all this information, so that we can prepare ourselves spiritually and practically to endure the last days.



In this playlist you will find radical songs that challenge the world system and provide a deep message to reflect and live, inspired by the teachings of Jesus. We hope that they help you to wake up and see the harsh reality as it is, at the same time that they provide you with the foundation and the sure hope that there IS a SOLUTION and it is JESUS and his TEACHINGS! May God enlighten and guide you as you discover the radical truths of Jesus!