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@Shakm Gaming 🕹ī¸

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I ❤ī¸ video games 🙂 👉 What's unique about my videos are emoticons and subtitles (currently english, #spanish, #russian & #hindi) to make them fun for everybody! 📘 You can find all my playthroughs here https://bittubers.com/profile/ShakmGaming/playlists 📙 And my #live streams here https://bittubers.com/profile/ShakmGaming/livestream 🌟 Special thanks to anyone who donated - you will receive a shout-out at the beginning of a future video! Welcome to Shakm #Gaming 🙂

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@Shakm Gaming 🕹ī¸

Hotline Miami (Longplay) đŸŽŦ PAST BROADCAST

#gaming #action #shooter #hotlinemiami #gameplay

👉 Longplay of Hotline Miami, a high-octane top-down action game overflowing with raw brutality, hard-boiled gunplay and skull crushing close combat.

âŗ Total Duration: 1 hour 37 minutes

📘 All Game Playlists: https://bittubers.com/profile/ShakmGaming/playlists

❓ About Shakm Gaming: I play through and commentate games that i love! My niche is singple-player games, be it old or new, indies or AAA titles.

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