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A Place where I'll be hosting all of my Dead or Alive related Content from my old Youtube Channel. Stuff here/requested may be NSFW. You've been warned. Feel free to also check out my other BitTube channel, which focuses on Let's Plays of Video Games I've prevously done on Youtube, @LPShadigoArchive

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DoA Dimensions - Story Mode

Playthrough of Dead or Alive Dimensions for the 3DS. Project goes through Chronicle Mode (AKA Story Mode) of the game, as well as going through the other modes. I'll also show off the seccret (i.e. "Boss" characters) too, because why not.


Dead or Alive 4 - Story Mode

The bouncy babes, as well as some male peoples Return for probably the hardest game in the series next to the Original, IMO. Also guest starring some Guy who shoots Aliens and isn't afraid of nothing. Playlist will go through Story Mode, then through Time Attack Mode with the unlockable characters that don't have a Story Mode.

Dead or Alive 5 - Story Mode

Two years after the events of the fourth Dead or Alive World Combat Championship, Helena Douglas has taken full control of DoATEC from the devious Victor Donovan and is re-building the company for the better. To inform the world of the return of DoATEC, Helena has make plans with Zack to host the fifth Dead or Alive Tournament and put on a show no one will forget... This playlist will also contain showcases for characters appearing in DoA5 Ultimate and Last Round.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Series

Collection of videos from the Dead or Alive Xtreme spin off games. Will most definatly contain Boobs, Butts and Volleyball, so this will obviously be NSFW.

Dead or Alive 3 - Story Mode

The bouncy babes return on one of the Xbox's Launch titles Like with DoA2 Ultimate all settings are on defaults... and I mean it this time - I haven't tweaked any of the other modes since this is going to go by really quickly anyway...


Dead or Alive 2 - Story Mode

Played on the Xbox version of the game. All characters will be played on Story Mode, except for the unlockable ones - they'll be played in Time Attack mode. All setting are defaults, except that I changed the Time Attack Setting to one win instead of two for speed reasons. To unlock Costumes for the hidden characters you can only change settings for lifebar and difficulty.


Dead or Alive 6 - Story Mode