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@ Ronin Yeti Studio

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"My Digital Dreams, To Your Fleshy Reality." May my various creations give you a smile, a thought, or possibly motivation for your own projects! 99% original content posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Subscribe to my monthly newsletter for controversial news of the world and updates on all RYS projects: https://mailchi.mp/95fda7e67fd1/welcome-subscriber-landing-page

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Sol Mates - Earthen Star

Various videos showcasing development vlogs, gameplay, and lore about the universe of Sol Mates!


DDnD - Unsung Saviors

Various videos showcasing development vlogs, gameplay, and lore about the univers of Unsung Saviors


Playtesting Indies

A series of videos where Ronin Yeti helps playtest some indie games in the works!


Yenen's Tale - Crossroads

Various videos showcasing development vlogs, gameplay, and lore about the universe of Yenen's Tale!



The now-edited, once-live let's play of "Condemned," with the Gaming Dojo and Ronin Yeti.


Maxim Royse Music

A mix of various genres of music, varying from conceptual to comedy!


Voice Acting

Different characters from various video games, whose voices I attempted to recreate.


Conveying the Obvious Show

Bask in truth, not misinformation, in the newest show from Ronin Yeti Studio!


Vocal Covers

Several songs (of different genres) that I tried to either emulate or recreate using my own voice.


Game Dev Showcases

This is a playlist for the various trailers and presentations I have created in tandum with the videos games I have worked on and developed over the years!



A [REMASTERED] version of a older Let's Play series for the game Mirror's Edge, now with added edits: like sound effects, music, clip-cuts, animations, a superimposed and independent storyline, and much more!


Legends of Saviors Lore

These videos, gifs, and other asets cover and compliment the different places, characters, and events that happen within the "Legends of Saviors" multiverse.


HVRE "Dreams" Interviews

The different interviews from the various developers that helped create "Dreams" VR during the 2017 HVRE season.


The Corona Days

Watch me as I coast through the Corona Days, one odd vlog at a time.


Ronin Yeti's Gaming Highlights

The various episodes of the comedic and strange RY Gaming Highlights.


BitTube Thanks Dances

The various videos I created to give a shout-out to my subscribers at different milestones that happen on this channel.