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First of all: Music Lover.

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@Andrea Crump | Artist Designer



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The sky is the limit!!

Hey everyone! Got an invite from Hempys Hub, and I am so stoked to be here! I love cannabis, and life. I can't wait to share with you. But first, my phone number needs to be verified. Talking to you Help Desk, ;)

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By DabDragon

welcome to the family! You are Dabdragon Approved

By ShakmGaming

Welcome 🙂

By HempysHub

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Today we will be releasing our first article written by us we hope you enjoy,

The industrial Hemp industry has a variety of opportunities for any type of Community or individual who is seeking to take back control over the resources that are available locally. For decades people have been looking for alternative ways to keep a sustainable lifestyle without needing to conform to the modern systems that promote and produce so much pollution..... https://2bitshub.com/hemp-is-not-just-a-plant-but-a-way-to-life

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By ShakmGaming

Nice article. Btw i noticed you getting frustrated lately about the lack of attention. My opinion is just keep at it wether people "like" / "upvote" your content or not. Don't get discouraged by the way social media works (e.g. quick and easy to understand videos, like exchanging etc), because i bet people do notice your content and some day some of them will be in a position to enact change. In essence maybe you're not getting the "likes", but you're getting the message across 😉


Just Do It! Friends Giving You Excuses Parody

CAN WE 100 Up Votes This Video? Are you that person who has that one friend who keeps giving you excuses on why they won't test out the platform send them over this funny video maybe it will encourage them to check us out.

This is a Parody video for bit tubers from the Shia LaBeouf video made with a green screen this was used for comical perspective on getting people signed up with the platform if you enjoyed this video you should follow us for more content like this I appreciate all of the feedback and love thank you for watching.

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By ShakmGaming

Dang it he blew my ears off 😄

By fboey

LOve it ! especially message on 'Just do it ! ' the New Zealand style.

By KillTheBeast1

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By JohnBlaze

Wow this is amazing 🏆

By Actornaut

nice work. almost as good as a HD #nasa video

By extremegaming

just hemp personal i think we are fucked because we got earthers and morons like me existing sorry for making your time valuable

By extremegaming