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@Merrimour The Red

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I am a Warrior of Christ ... Not to mention a semi-pro artist , drawer , painter , lyricist , singer , writer , actor , voice actor , poet , trials rider , trail builder , physics dropout , sociologist , professional adventurer and all around Renaissance Man ... The vids on this channel will pertain to such things ... I cant stand Luciferians , Secret Societies , Communism, Corporatism, Fascists, Denial, Neocons or the NWO ... I am like a Chaotic Good Jedi for Jesus ... I know God cuz I know the truth now ... I cant be bought , bullied , bargained or even reasoned with while fighting the Evils of this world ... I pray Yahshua יהושע Jesus the Son and Yahuah YAH יהוה God the Father in Heaven Please keep us , bless us , forgive us and protect us all through the coming tribulation ... AMEN

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