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@Mathias Hagen

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Hello, my name is Mathias Hagen and I come from Schwerin/Germany. I am a musician and producer for 21 years. My journey started in 1998 and a lot has happened in my musical career so far. Some of these "achievements" I would like to list here. - Newcomer Award 2012 - Played over 8 times on Sunshine Live - Over 40 remixes - In 6 countries my music was played - From 2012 to 2014 an own Compilation - Played by Judge Jules on BBC1 (2015) - Label Record at Time Fusion (over 60.000 plays at Spotify) - Projects with artists from all over the world (Bination/Africana Sundown etc.) - Release on different labels (Time Fusion/Clone 2.1 Records/Track Records etc.) And much more. From 2016 to 2017 I had my own radio show with two friends. A World at Night was the name of the show and we always had telephone guests with us. Like Rolf Maier Bode (RMB), Dj Quciksilver, Charles McThorn, Pattraxx and Para X. Besides that I also create photos/videos for me and others. My music genre I produce: Trance, Techno, Ambient, House, Progressive. Best regards Mathias Hagen

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