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Bittubers is amazing but...

Everyone is running from YouTube to Bitchute and other new platforms.

Bittubers is an amazing platform. But there is virtually no advertising of it and the traffic is not here.

If Bittubers do not up their game FAST... They are going to lose out big time.

People are not going to keep changing platforms when they have loads of content.

Bittubers need to attract them NOW before it's too late.

This is only my opinion so please don't shoot the messenger.

#bittubers #youtube #bitchute

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By Dante

I'm in quite a few groups and for a couple of weeks they post content... but now out of all the groups I'm in... NOBODY has posted ANYTHING for months... So what does that tell you BITTUBE...?

By ShakmGaming

I wouldn't mind a marketing campaign for sure. Or at least approach some well known YouTubers and twitch creators with deals.


The major problem is the signup. I invited droves of people and they say their phone numbers don't go through. I don't like annoying signup's and had issue at first. Had to contact company. Most people would have said fuck it. I like this place but I can see it dying quick with out advertisement. Bitchute is worse though. I've made videos about it.

By TheBitMan360

Did they raise any significant capital? No pre-mine right?

By moss

The shift from bit.tube to bittubers was painful. I know a bunch of bit.tube creators who just went elsewhere. But Tubers is coming on strong now. Hopefully they'll prioritize an amazing feature, the ability to stake Tubes in creators to increase their Airtime. Nothing else out there like that.

By PhusionPhil

lol fuck ads, its Brave verfied literally to prevent shitty third party ads from coming up in the feed. I have an account on both BitChute and BitTube and am fully committed to supporting each project as a content creator. I am impressed with both for different reasons but dont let that affect my loyalty to each service.

I am curious though, what Macro or Micro economy you are inferring would be interested in advertising to the Bit Tube Community Mr. Messenger?

By gunmask

Agree, but just partially. While it is true that bitchute is gaining some affluence, a lot of people are deterred from switching to it because it is plagued with right wing politics. Every political opinion channel has switched to bitchute and as a result all you see is a sea of politics politics and more politics just as you open the page, making it difficult to actually find anything else (the search feature is trash btw). *continue*

By thebigfella