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Username: Chronoarcaile2019

Name: James James Scott

Bio: Well Guys,it's official,it's safe to say,I can officially Call both this amazing new Site Bittubers and Bitchute my New Home for Uploading content to build a channel on here as I am now officially done with that garbage/Trash Site Youtube,dued to the pure fact is,that not only is that site now a populariety contest which all youtube cares about is playing favortisim to these popular douchbags like Rebel Taxi,The MysteriousmrEnter or Pieguyrulz making us smaller content creators feel so inferior on that site,but now it's also extreamly dangerous to try to build a channel and fanbase on that piece of shit site anymore dued to the FTC of Coppa enforcing a new stupid retarded Law which forces innocent Youtube users to make they're channels with Kid Friendly content,and if they dare to find any mild swearing or bad inappropriate content in your videos,they'll force you to pay a fucking $42'000 Dollar find/fund per video which is absolutely rediculous,this is now the 2nd time I have now officially retired from that garbage site which I'm not taking any chances of having those bastards track me down to dystroy my life. Because lets face it guys,Innocent Smaller Content Creators no longer feel safe on that Site Youtube anymore,because with the FTC and Coppa now involved watching your every move,they're now putting innocent youtubers in serious danger and risk enforcing this stupid law on us which now we're being treated like Serial Killers on that dangerous site,and because of that,Youtube is now officially the Absolute worst Social Media/Video Sharing site Period. it's really a shame that I used to support that garbage site back in 2007 to 2012,but ever since 2013,that site has now gotten worst and worst,but this time,they seriously crossed the line! On a sidenote,best of all this Site isn't another garbage Youtube clone like how Vidlii and Vlare were,which both of those Garbage sites have terrible Toxic Communities full of Punkass Nazi shitposting Immature Teenagers which they'll outright attack you and accuse you of Nonsense for absolutely no reason at all for they're own amusement.

: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/vbOgzZa9Nqao/