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09/11-- no planes hit the towers, even everybody believe it --mirrrored from " Hibbeler Productions"--


https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=75&v=E4nNhTQt5EM&feature=emb_title ---check this video from 1;09 to 1;20, frame by frame, it is BAD CGI. omg it is so obvious. Plane born from light ball, change few colors, lossing partrs on the way, like nose or wing. How did they get away with this crap.

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"Massive cover up" Mirror from AMTV

I only want that You watch this video, and tell me what you think! I am not a big fan of Kriss, I mean I'm not a fan at all, but he's definitely much better speaker than me. 

Flat earth

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Remembering forbiden history

You cannot find a video of this type anywhere, ie. EVERYONE has been removed as a violation of the posting rules. The truth is not afraid of investigation. If the Holocaust is true ...

Nigdje ne mozete pronaći video ove vrste, tj. SVAKI je uklonjen kao povreda pravila objavljivanja. Istina se ne boji istrage. Ako je holokaust istina ...

Holocaust, antisemitism

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