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Quality Shitposting(TM) with some creative and nerd stuff sprinkled on top. I also do video edits in exchange for money.

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The Bi-Weekly Burst Report #94 has been published!

The Bi-Weekly $Burst Report #94 has been released - Things have been quite exciting with Phoenix iOS and Android release, BurstHK iOS Wallet release, BRS 3.0.0 Alpha released on testnet, CIP22 (Deep Link) proposal, and more! Wow!

Read the full article at The Burstcoinist - https://burstcoin.ist/2019/11/04/bi-weekly-burst-report-94/


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Fully Compliant EUR Crypto Exchange with Negative Trading Fees - Referrals 5 Levels Deep!

BURST was just added to this exchange, so I had a look around and I love this exchange. Income from my referrals is going to go to the Burst Marketing Fund to help the project. This exchange is just starting out, so jump on now and start referring people and get some Residual Income. https://eterbase.exchange/invite/sZNvyeGX



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By ryanw

Yes, this is a shameless plug, but I am really hoping this will help fill Burst's coffers.


Unintentional ASMR - Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, Hotel Okura,Tokyo (No Talking)

In my opinion, this is one of, if not the best tea ceremony video for ASMR. Definitely one of my favorites, and I hope it will be one of yours as well!


Unintentional ASMR - Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

Triggers and Keywords - No talking, clinking, pouring water, water sounds, hands, cleaning

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By ilexxchannel

Very satisfying!

By cryptoyogi

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By Doofus4ever

what is asmr?

By Conschdi

nice i love green tea :D Japan is cool

@Airtime Alchemy

📢BitTubers Spice Up vol-3 | Free Logo Animation

You can Use these logo animations in your content as much as you like!🎁🎁 They are made and distributed to Spice Up your content creation. It's a community Service to promote the platform. Have fun using them.🏄



[ Mega ]- https://mega.nz/#!y6gFzKhI!_KV_LyN72u6Q8O_YaW_vhI3I-BFNw1NoUuBbSByXWIo

[ Sync ]- https://ln.sync.com/dl/b7604b8d0/82hwpijb-wabg2dkn-q4p8dizk-darszdbu


Content List in the Zip File.

1. Antique

2. Battle

3. Blockbuster-1

4. Blockbuster-2

5. Inferno

6. Storm


PASSWORD to open Zip file: 



Software to unzip the file: https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm

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By ArdhiSadega

Please donate me tube all😞

By hartiberlin

Here is another one you can use:


By rambo313

Very cool!

By CoZ

These are really good, thankyou for making them

By moss

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By hamid105


By PhusionPhil

lol wait, am I on BitTube? I forgot LOL

By smaram

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By Noob

can't unzip the files

By AwenMusic

nice graphics, great!

@Battery, Aziz!

Text Post

Just a heads up, when a #bugreport is posted I change the topic to #bugreportdone when reported on our Gitlab. Makes it easier for us to track down new issues.


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By GameMusicHallberg

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