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@Amazing Glory & Grace...

Lazarus and Mary 12:03

Was Mary a Disciple of Jesus? Wait... which Mary? Mary Magdalene? The similar and repeated use of names in the Bible has caused a lot of confusion as to who is who.


This video takes a closer look at the disciples of Jesus and answers some questions about possible exceptions. It not only asks if Mary Magdalene was a disciple, but Was Lazarus a disciple, and Was Martha a disciple? Many ask, “Do I have to obey Jesus?" and then they go looking for examples of people who seemed to get away with not obeying him. Lazarus and Mary and Martha seemed to have a unique relationship with Jesus. Some have used them as examples of people who did not need to obey all that Jesus taught. Is it possible that we could just be friends of Jesus without needing to obey him? Watch this video for some surprising revelations.

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