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A Curfew For Men After 6 PM? 😹😂🤣😅😁🤭

Watch this British politician suggest imposing a curfew for men after 6 pm under the guise of keeping women safe, lol!

This isn't a joke. It's an actual debate that's taking place right now at the British parliament, and they're using the recent murder of a woman as a scapegoat.

Have you seen any stupider proposal in your life than this one?

What's next? How about we chop off all men's' balls to prevent rape? That should take care of the problem, right? I mean, if you're an idiot, yeah, sure, it should make perfect sense to you in the few cubic centimeters of brain cells inside your thick head.

This asinine proposal to impose a curfew on one sex to protect the other sex is part of the same agenda that aims to emasculate men. It's been going on for centuries. Every time you watch a movie, you're being exposed to it. Why do you think Hollywood loves employing steroids-infested freaks like Dwayne Johnson, Dave Bautista, and Chris Hemsworth? And why do you think we have basketball and American football? It's all part of the same agenda to emasculate men.

Keep bombarding males with images and content that showcases men who are bigger and stronger and taller than the vast majority of the population, and you'll eventually get a population of emasculate males.

Keep showing females as wise or confident in Hollywood movies while showing males as insecure or stupid, and you'll eventually get a population of emasculate males.

Keep looting the authority of the family unit so husbands can't discipline their own wives and parents can't discipline their own children, and you'll eventually get a population of emasculate males.

It's all one agenda because once you reduce the masses into a population of pu$$ies, they'll never revolt.

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