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@The Mad LiberTEA Party

Mad LiberTEA Breaks: Even MORE Shootings, Government, & Cops!

Mad LiberTEA Breaks: Even MORE Shootings, Government, & Cops!

We hate to have to talk about shootings for another day but Mike and Paxton have some updates and discussion on the Naval Air Station Pensacola and then we dive right into the UPS shooting where cops took down the bad guys but also became them. 

Are we having a terrorist scare? Who knows? 

How many times do they get to kill innocent civilians before things change? One is too many if you ask us.

Note from Mike: We said that UPS was supportive of the family but they seem to be in disagreement with the family. Upon further investigation, it seems that they thanked the police for killing their employee. Screw them.

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A few links about the UPS Shooting:

MSM Basics:


Bystander + cell video


UPS Driver's Step-Father:


Full Chase Sans Violent End: 


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