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@KS Reality

Kathara Grid and the Kryst Code Encryption

We strongly recommend newcomers to watch this video about understanding the importance of the Kryst Code Encryption before posting geometracies to the group.

"There is a startling number of face book groups heavily invested in the golden mean/fibbonnaci/new age/metatron paradigm. They can only understand if they are willing to hear about the krystal spiral and be shown the alternative with an open mind." -Victor

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We have found the Keylontic Science teachings/information to be the most effective way to reawaken a deep connection through understanding the True Nature of reality. Please note that we are in no way associated with ARhAyas Productions (http://www.arhayas.com).

E'Asha presents verbatim translations from the Cos-MY’ah-level KUmA’yah Al-Hum-Bhra Krystal Discs Series™ (the KA-Krystal Discs) of the AMCC-MCEO-GA™.

New information has been given (8/2012 forward) concerning the CDT-Plates and the AL-Hum-Bhra Crystal Disks and how they fit within the structures of the Cos-MA-yah, and how they assist us to understand where the frequencies known as the AL-Hum-Bhra are coming from.

These new translations are “Indelible Records”, meaning they cannot be edited or altered. These records hold the entire Memory Matrix of the events information of this Cos-Min-yahas Cluster.

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