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MUSIC: Twintone - What Lies Ahead (ft. Anastasia)

Download: https://bit.ly/3dHsJEg

This is a Fullerton Informer video made a number of months ago. I did notice the cloud machinery then, and all the visual information being shown on the rear view mirror in the vehicle.. The rear view mirror shows the vast array of geometric shaped lenses.. and the actual beam signal which enter the holographic sphere which projects the sun simulations.... All the machinery may be the actual structures used to create this... they may be unintentionally projected .. Or they are acting like a plasma antenna to the sun simulator, to absorb the energy into capacitor like nano structures... The dark circular objects in among this seem to be like a black lens... or black mirror... And it that is the case this could well be not only advanced technology but a kind of black magic mysticism.. smoke and mirrors... There are definitely structure up there... And all this I have seen before.. This is also a DEW system... Perhaps using the solar energy... Very nefarious indeed... We are living in crazy times... A fraud is being perpetuated on the worlds population... Right now a fake virus.... some are indeed getting ill due to other things.. including what is needed to create this deception above us.... If people cannot get their heads around the fact that chemtrails are real... and not to help us... They will never believe or come to terms that there is all this technology above us... watching.. waiting.... Many of the fires around how were they started? Look no further... not only people on the ground,,, This tech has been around for many years.. I am still investigating in my spare time.... I have seen evidence of this technology in the 911 event...

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