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Bee produces ... bread

From the flowers, the bee produces not only honey but also ... bread

We all know that honey bees will accidentally stick pollen grains into their bodies, which is also the way plants use pollen and pollinate. However the truth is not so

When moving from flower to flower, bees help plants to pollinate through pollen grains on their bodies. However, bees are not unfair pollers, but in fact they retain a lot of pollen for their own purposes.

As we all know, bees will use the amount of nectar they collect to form honey, which is the food source for the entire colony. However, honey is not the only food of this insect. In fact, the main ingredient of honey is sugar, so this food almost only meets the energy needs for the bee to function. To survive, they need to be provided with protein, which acts as a structural material for the body. And pollen is the main source of protein in question.

When the bees land on a flower, they will actively grab the pollen by nibbling and licking. They will then cover their fur with their forelegs, sweeping pollen from their eyes, antennae and mouth, in which the bees will mix the pollen with nectar or honey, which they store in a kind of stomach. his special thick.

Next, the bees use their front, middle and hind legs to move the molded pollen, in the same way that the conveyor belt works, eventually holding the chalk in the hind legs, using a special structure. called the chalk basket. To accomplish this task, the pollen basket is shaped like a pan with long hairs and has the ability to compact the pollen block inside.

This pollen will be sent to the nest by the bee and placed into adjacent niches where the young bee larvae are developing. This mixture of pollen mixed with honey is also known as "Bee bread".

Bee bread is a key source of protein for all colonies. Adult bees that eat bee bread make a liquid food, similar to that of mammalian milk, to feed the developing bee larvae.

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