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Today I discuss a new community movement aimed at providing decentralized peer to peer and face to face exchange. BitTube Local will also be (initially and minimally) the unofficial grassroots marketing community of the cryptocurrency $TUBE

I discuss what true exchange is and why it's important

I also discuss the great opportunity we have by being so early to promote and build this

If you would like to join the BitTube.TV Local group and help us mastermind this - please go here: https://bittubers.com/group/60b4d403-dafe-484e-a9dd-8081bdd28292

If you would like to join our telegram bittube whale group where we discuss everything from bittube.tv to trading bitcoin in a HIGHLY POSITIVE environment then feel free to join us here: https://t.me/BitTubePromoters

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By godtvradio

By TheBitMan360

Great initiative mate!

By moss

I just donated 100.0 TUBEs ($ 1.05 USD)

By thanksmia

stop saying bittubers it's bittube now

By thanksmia

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By Nosat

The only sustainability the government cares about is the sustainability of its power and control monopoly.

BitTube.TV sounds so legacy, I like Bit.Tube a lot more.

By BitTubeViews.com

By BitTubeViews.com

Great job @nachodon - You laid out the 'BitTube Local' concept, perfectly... I think those of us that are 'awake' can drive this forward... Good first steps are to join the Group you mentioned and also to start 'Pinning' geographical locations on an interactive map. This can be done at https://bittubeviews.com/local/ - Plus, the interactive map allows individuals access to input their location and any other BitTubers they know, via a secret URL.

Anyone can DM me for the secret URL, or goto https://bittubeviews.com and click on the support button...

Let's get this going!


By BitTubeViews.com

I just donated 100.0 TUBEs ($ 1.04 USD)